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You are on your way to make +R6000 Extra Per Month

29 Sep
Letlhogonolo Modiga Sep 29, 2019 0

Good day Independent Marketer/Partner ,

The time has come for us to focus on what truly works. SNDHomes.com takes pride in knowing that we have grown to over 120 Independent Marketers all over South Africa and we truly appreciate our IM Partners for believing in us. We are now on a mission to train and license our IM’s to be expects in selling listing and make commissions.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having 9-5 Job, being a student or being unemployed. You can become part of the licensed IM’s and make SNDHomes.com your 1st, 2nd or 3rd source of income.

Profile Update

We have looking the profiles on SNDHomes.com and a lot of information is missing. You need to make yourself visible for the people who require your services to see you and the better your profile looks, the matter.

Look at how the below profile looks, it gives more credibility and more leads to sales.

You can update your profile here: https://sndhomes.com/agent-profile-2/

Training Course

Invest in yourself for others to invest in you. You are the future of SNDHomes.com. We are currently offering License that offers our 10-day training online and 2 day face-to-face session where the CEO will personally meet with the team to provide them with Mentorship, Certification and Operating License.

The Lifetime License which also offers R5000 Funeral Cover for the IM Partner is R3500 and Independent Marketers can secure their spaces for R500 and make payment arrangements, the CEO will meet with them once the R3500 has been paid up. Online training will commence.

You can find the license information here : https://sndhomes.com/independent-marketer-license/

Your Network is your Networth. When you take the Lifetime license you will also make get access to 7 Annual Conferences that will be hosted around South Africa.

Company Registration, Email address and Website hosting

We have developed a system in our company where after you Take the Lifetime license you will get helped with company registration, we will give you a Free @sndhomes.com email address to make part of the family and also we will develop, host and maintain a website for the company you will have registered for FREE!

We are a whitelabel listing selling company and we want your company to also be visible and credible to the people who will need you to sell listing to them.

So much offered for a R3500! What is the catch here you may ask, SNDHomes.com is founded by a 24-Year old Letlhogonolo Modiga who never had it big in life, he was disadvantaged and lost his mother at 18-years when he was writing has final matric exams. He believes in Hard-work over everything. He wants to build grands with other people to succeed with them. His aim is to #LiftAsWeRise

Kindest regards

Letlhogonolo Modiga

CEO and Founder,


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