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10 Smart Side hustles for students

24 Apr
Letlhogonolo Modiga Apr 24, 2018 0

Being a student can sometimes be frustrating. There are a lot of needs/requirements you need to meet.

Here are 10 Smart side hustles you can consider to make extra income for your needs.

  1. Photography: If you’ve got an eye and some decent equipment, it’s not that hard to turn your hobby into some extra cash. Families are always looking for a deal on portraits; people always want photos of their special events. Just remember to take the lens-cap off and don’t insult the bride’s mother.
  2. Alterations/Sewing Repairs: Sad but true, most people don’t have any sewing skills anymore. Heck, nine out of ten people you pass on the street can’t even replace a button (we can’t verify those numbers). So if Grandma taught you your way around a sewing machine, pick up some extra money threading a needle.
  3. Personal Trainer: If you know your way around the gym and like helping other people fit into their wedding dress or impress everyone at the class reunion, some certification courses are all that stand between you and a side gig as a personal trainer.
  4. Consultant: Are you an expert in something? Something people would pay to know about? You might not think so, but think harder – specialized expertise is hard to come by, and the thing you know everything about could be worth real money to someone else.
  5. Translation Services: If you’re multilingual, there are plenty of times when people and companies might need a one-time translation service. Until online translators give people something that doesn’t sound like a computer pretending to talk, you can take those jobs.
  6. DJ: Yes, everybody and their cousin is a DJ these days, but good ones are still hard to come by. If you can get a party rocking and keep a seamless groove, your weekends could be booked up.
  7. Cut/Braid Hair: It required a license to open a shop in most areas, but even without one, your shears and nimble fingers can probably earn you a little extra helping your fellow students look their best.
  8. Freelance Writing: The Internet runs on content, and so far we don’t have robots who can write fun, clickable listacles and linkbait – although they’re working on it. Jump on freelancing before they do. Services like Upwork can connect you with companies who need part-time and per-project freelance writers.
  9. Mobile Detailing/Car Wash: Your car is so immaculate, so crisp, so clean, that all your friends want you to do theirs. They won’t be the only ones. Bring the clean to your customers for added value.
  10. Tutor: Parents want their kids to succeed in school, and if the kids aren’t making the grade, they’re looking for tutors. If you’re a whiz in math or writing and have some talent for passing it on, the hourly rate can be impressive.

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