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How To Stay Healthy As A Student

22 Mar
Letlhogonolo Modiga Mar 22, 2018 2

Whether you’re a self-confessed couch potato or a certified fitness fanatic, there are loads of different ways to get in shape (or stay there) that don’t require a gym membership.

To help you conserve brainpower and focus on physique, we’ve compiled our 5 ways to become healthy body and mind in no time – and on a tight budget of course!

1. Join University sport activities

Did you know that most universities add sports activities money to the fees? Well if you didn’t know now you know. You pay for sports activities each year. Utilize those funds by joining the activities offered by the university.

You shouldn’t be an Olympic athlete, just find ways to keep your health at a healthy state

2. Cut out junk food

Healthy eating is the biggest currency in being healthy. You need to always look at the food you eat.

Cut the takeaways, fatty foods and snacks and you’ll not only see the difference, you’ll feel it too. Junk food is just like poison to your body

3. Drink water, water everywhere!

You might be totally on top of this healthy eating business, but have you stopped to think about what else you’re chucking down your throat?

Fizzy drinks, like Coke, Sprite or Fanta, along with highly sweetened or flavoured fruit juices are only good for two things – rotting your teeth and piling on the pounds. They’re also expensive.

Switch to plain old water and you’ll find it’s cheaper (even free!), much more refreshing and much better for you. Experts recommend that we drink 8 to 10 glasses (equal to around 2 liters) every day!

4. Switch up your routine

Even the laziest of people can start to burn off the calories by making a few simple tweaks to their everyday routine.

Pop down to the shops for your weekly groceries instead of buying online and make sure to use a basket instead of a trolley (work those biceps!).

Walk to university instead of taking the bus, or just simply get off a stop or two before your destination. Make sure you always take the stairs instead of the lift – every little counts!

5. Last one: Join the gym

I don’t want to dwell too much into this part because I wanted to identify ways to stay healthy and not working extra hard for it.

A lot of universities have gym equipment that can help with exercising. They offer great deals or even free plans for students.

Maybe try to stay in the gym




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