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5 Study tips for students

21 Mar
Letlhogonolo Modiga Mar 21, 2018 0

There are quite a number of tips for students from people with different perspective towards life. This are some of the tips I came across which fully resonated with me through my life as a student.

Study Tips 1: Focus on mastery

Learning doesn’t end only in universities.

When you want to be the best in your field you should do everything to learn and understand it. The world is changing at a rapid pace and we need to regularly get with the times.

Learn new topics, push yourself to research and find more information.

Study Tips 2: Take charge of your learning

School can make you feel like you have zero control.

Of course, you’ll gain more say in what you study as you advance levels. You can also start taking charge now by controlling how you learn.

Taking control of your learning is the start to ruling your world. Own it.

Study Tips 3: Build your competence and gain confidence

Believing in your ability really helps you push in and learn something new.

Your confidence may inflate easily if you often hear how smart you are. But that confidence is unstable. Easily lost.

To get lasting confidence, you have to show yourself that you can.

So, pick one thing. Learn it deeply. See how you do. Rinse and repeat. Over time, you’ll see that you really can learn any new thing.

Study Tips 4: Use your results to keep on track with learning

Its great to get high marks. And it’s fun to show your family and friends.

Marks are also a sign of how well you are learning the material. Use them to gauge how effectively you are studying.

Getting a low marks? Don’t quit. And don’t get mad at the lecturer. Change how you study for your class.

Study Tips 5: Rehearse and remember

When you are doing drama or a play, whats the best way to remember your lines?

You would Rehearse and practice by saying them. Same goes with studying. Get the ideas clear from your notes and readings. These are your lines. Use topic headings or key words as your “stage cues.

Master your studying habits

Your job as a student is not simply to follow teachers’ directions.

Your head is not an empty jug that another can fill with knowledge.

A teacher starts you on a path. To have a good journey, you need to stand up and walk it by yourself.


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